• PT. Siemens Indonesia
    As the trusted partner for the development and extension of an efficient and reliable power infrastructure, the Energy Management Division provides utility companies and industries in Indonesia with the portfolio that meets their needs.
  • Schneider Electric
  • PT. CG Power Systems Indonesia
  • Sangdong Industries CO.LTD
  • PT. KMI Wire and Cable Tbk
  • PT. Karunia Berca Indonesia
  • PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama
  • PT. ABB Sakti Industri
  • PT. Kentjana Sakti Indonesia
  • PT. Karya Adikita Galvanize
  • PT. Guntur Jaya Makmur
  • PT. Modern Surya Jaya
  • Bank Jatim
  • Bank Mandiri
  • Bank BNI
  • Bank CIMB Niaga