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Become global company in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering


Become global company in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering who has ability to Engineering, Procurement, Construction that excellence in quality and service.

Become Indonesian construction company that excellence in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, who has carry out big project and interconnected, supported by experience, human resources, and skills

In 2025, PT. Hasta Karya Perdana become national contractor that excellence in Electrical & Mechanical Engineering


As a private companies ,we have to act fast, patient and persistence

Corporate Identity

Corporate identity or we called corporate culture is a basic value that embraced by everyone in the PT. Hasta Karya Perdana. That value is influence a habit and behavior inside the company


Contain a message for professionalism in each talents at PT. Hasta Karya Perdana will train they expertise and skills with continous learning process


Contain a message for the employee at PT. Hasta Karya Perdana must be respect and appreciate each others so that there is harmony and comfort in work environtment


Contain a message an important for carrying solidarity and unity in harmonize, solid work team based on company concern not individuals

Service Commitment

PT. Hasta Karya Perdana have commited in customer service, called C.A.R.E. C.A.R.E itself is a acronym from

It means, service speed can give certainty and satisfaction for customer

It means, accuracy of work can guarantee a product quality to reach customer satisfaction

It means, built a long term relationship and sustainable

It means, we can produce product that customer need, want, and hope with minimum cost that have been planned for customer satisfaction